Why spend all your money buying textbooks…just rent them!

In this economy, college students are always looking for ways to offset the many expenses that goes with getting a college education. Textbooks account for a big bulk of these expenses. When I was in college, I got hit with a $500 bill for books each semester. This expense definitely left me strapped for cash.

An Associated Press article “How to Save Money on College Textbooks” shares a valuable resource that can help you find ways to save money on textbooks, including renting instead of purchasing them.

Click here to read the full article. Click here to go directly to the Celebration Ideas website to learn how to save money on textbooks.

I’ve taken this practice beyond college and still borrow my books from the library instead of purchasing them. What ways do you save on books, reading or textbooks?



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One comment on “Why spend all your money buying textbooks…just rent them!
  1. J. Scott says:

    I like the idea of renting, but sometimes I like to keep certain books from classes I really enjoyed. I understand that the main draw to renting is the price, but they actually aren’t always cheaper, and that coupled with the fact that I like to keep some of them often leads me to purchase mine. However, whether renting or purchasing, I use http:://www.bigwords.com to combat the high prices. They are a textbook search engine that searches all the online retailers and rental sites to find you the best prices. And for books you purchased you can even use them at the end of the semester to search for resellers to sell you books back to. It’s pretty cool.

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