A Little Patience Goes a Long Way

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Patience is a virtue. I’ve heard this repeatedly throughout my life. I tell my kids constantly, “If something is important, it is worth waiting for.” It could be anything—a toy, a person, recognition for a job well done, a phone call or just waiting for the right time to say something.

Usually with patience comes work, like earning money for an item, being diligent at work or biting your tongue so you don’t say the wrong thing. As a parent, I have a difficult time being patient with my children. Not so much in a disciplinary way, but in a learning way. Watching them struggle with something and not jumping in to help them is difficult for me. However, seeing them solve a problem on their own is gratifying to me and a great achievement for them.

You need to have patience in the Savings Challenge. Change takes time. Little by little I am seeing results of the plan that we have implemented. Our credit card balances have dropped substantially. I’m anxious to see the balance every month because I know we haven’t made any new charges. Only credits for payments made should show up on the account. It’s taken a few months, but I’ve been patient and now I see the results of our efforts.

As with many people, our daycare expenses tend to increase during the summer. Since the beginning of the challenge, we started putting money aside each week to prepare for this. When I walked into the daycare and handed them a check that covered several weeks, I was so proud. As a matter of fact, the administrator mentioned that this year more than ever people are commenting about how difficult things are financially. She asked me for information about our savings tools and tips to share with other parents.

At times, we are faced with unexpected car repairs or an appliance that needs to be replaced. Do we always have the money put aside? Not usually, but now I don’t panic. I know that even if we use our savings for something other than what is was intended, in time we can build it back up again. So, I don’t get defeated. I get patient.

I am very proud of my family for being patient with the changes we have been making. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to live by a set of rules that restricted us. Having enough patience to follow the plan has allowed us to see the benefits. Pizza night and movie night may happen less often, but having the patience to wait for them makes it more special.

How was your experience saving for any large purchases or upcoming expenses?

–Lori Roche

This is an entry from the 2009 Connex Savings Challenge Blog, a place where you can keep up with the Savings Challenge families and they can share great financial tips, ways they are saving and budgeting and much more! For more blog entries and information on the Connex Savings Challenge, visit http://www.connexcu.org.


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One comment on “A Little Patience Goes a Long Way
  1. Anita says:

    We decided to save for a vacation and opened a separate account for that purpose. We saved a small amount each payday for five years and then were able to enjoy our vacation. It was a long time to save, but the reward was a vacation that we would never have been able to take without planning.

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