How we save big on birthdays

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Every May, we find ourselves being tight with money because we celebrate Mothers’ Day and six birthdays, including Junior’s. He decided this year he didn’t want a birthday party but wanted to invite a couple of friends out for a day of fun and sleepover for the weekend.

The cost of a birthday party for roughly 30 guests is more than $500. Considering we needed to purchase large amounts of drinks, food and party goodies for the kids, we were able to keep the cost of Junior’s fun weekend down to about $125 this year! Instead of a store-bought cake, John baked a cake and I decorated it. Instead of having a huge amount of people over for a party, we invited family only and everyone brought something.

This worked out so well! We were looking for extra money and found another opportunity to save toward our goal. I thought changing the party format would be difficult or take away from our son’s 8th birthday celebration but it actually worked out pretty well and Junior had a ball. He was able to hang out with his closest friends and have just as good of a time. We really learned a valuable lesson and will use this method for future birthday celebrations.

What have you done to save money while entertaining for birthday parties or other large gatherings?


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