I never knew the Internet could help us save so much money!

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This month our goal was finding extra money for savings. In an effort to cut back our expenses and save extra money to put into our money market account, we unplugged all appliances when we weren’t using them and cut our trips to the grocery store down to save on gas. I now try to go once a week and buy what I think will last us the entire week, instead of making multiple trips back and forth. No more running to the store last minute to buy more food for meals. I use what I have on hand, which save us lots of money. I also take advantage of weekly sales and compare prices at different stores.

The Internet has been a great source to my family and has allowed us to save in various ways. By visiting websites like couponbug.com, I am able to download coupons that are not available otherwise, which helps us save on products we use a lot. We also save on the cost of stamps by using online bill payment to pay bills directly from our checking account. This move has made my husband a little disturbed since he works for the post office, but hey we have to cut and save where we can!

What is your favorite website that allows you save by accessing coupons, Internet sales, etc?

–Jasmine Rivera-McNeill

This is an entry from the 2009 Connex Savings Challenge Blog, a place where you can keep up with the Savings Challenge families and they can share great financial tips, ways they are saving and budgeting and much more! For more blog entries and information on the Connex Savings Challenge, visit www.connexcu.org.


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