How to Save with the Birth of a New Baby and New Expenses

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In the past three months of the Savings Challenge, we came up with several ways to save money that work for us. For instance, we reduced the number of times we dine out or get take out from 2-3 times a week to 1-2 times a month. With just a bit of meal planning the previous weekend, we plan out our meals for the upcoming week and save money on expensive meals because we are not tempted to get a pizza for dinner on the way home from work. We also check grocery and drug store circulars regularly every Thursday for sales on the things we need. By keeping track of prices for certain items, we can tell if it really is a discount for us. Most importantly, before purchasing an item, I ask myself, “Do I really need this?” If so, I purchase the item. If not, I put the item back on the shelf and walk quickly away from it.

Also, with the birth of our new baby, Aurora, came many new expenses, such as baby food, diapers, clothing, etc. We came up with ways to save and offset these expenses like purchasing quality diapers only when they are on sale, using washcloths primarily when we are at home instead of disposable wipes and by making baby food from fruits and veggies at home, which we make once every two weeks and freeze. Since Aurora grows out of her clothes so quickly, we shop at consignment shops and second hand stores, as well as receive hand-me-downs that friends pass on. If we can’t find what we need for her through these avenues then we go to the clearance rack at regular department stores or baby stores.

After looking these and other ways we can save and then reviewing our budget, we were able to set an amount that we could save safely each month. And to make sure we are not tempted to spend it we have our savings deducted from our paycheck and put directly into our savings account.

What are some other ways that new parents can save on items needed for their little ones?

–Nicole Chevalier

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One comment on “How to Save with the Birth of a New Baby and New Expenses
  1. A huge cost-savings for us was shopping for clothes for my son on clearance at the end of a season. I buy the next size up in clothing for the following year (or 2 years, depending on the style) at various stores for an average of $.50 to $3.00 per item, including winter coats and pajamas (which are terribly expensive). It’s a great system for us because when the next season comes, I have everything I need. It’s saved us thousands of dollars in clothing!

    We also buy our fresh fruit and vegetables from a local farm instead of the grocery store. It not only supports our local farmers, but the produce is a fraction of the cost without the retail grocer mark-up!

    A membership to the local wholesale store has also been helpful. We don’t buy everything in bulk because sometimes it’s not that cost-effective. We belong to one that takes manufacturers coupons and track the sales that they have in their fliers. I compare those prices to the local grocery stores before I do my shopping for the week. That has cut our grocery bills almost in half. It’s a little more time and effort, but it’s worth it!

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