The new dating question: “What is your FICO score?”

In this age of recession dating, while figuring out if he or she is the one….you consider the following qualities: “she comes from a great family, is great with kids, is a hard worker….and has a great credit score?” Click here to read why more and more daters want to know if their potential mate is good with their finances.

Would you ask the person you’re dating their credit score? Do you think knowing is important and could impact your relationship strongly?


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2 comments on “The new dating question: “What is your FICO score?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    FICO scores are measurements of probability. The higher a person’ s credit score, by definition, the less likely a person is to default on his home loan. This is one reason why credit scoring has added importance lately— mortgage lenders are very caref…

  2. Fortunate so far says:

    Fico scores only show history–In todays economy those with great salaries can be unemployed in a second and those with poor credit scores can retain their employment and keep making on time payments. Unfortunately those with the great scores will get the best rate and stop paying while those with the poor score will get a vry high rate and pay for those who stopped paying—

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