Hold the Aquafina….I’ll have tap, please!

You won’t say you don’t “do” tap water when you see how much your eight recommend servings of bottled water really costs!

Here’s how cutting back on this and six other items could save you roughly $1,000 a year. Click here for the full Yahoo! Finance article, “7 Things You’re Wasting Money On.”



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One comment on “Hold the Aquafina….I’ll have tap, please!
  1. becky says:

    I use a large 32 oz nalgene bottle and fill up from the water cooler at work. I make sure I fill up before I leave because 32 oz will definitely hold me over until the next day. The only time I need to buy water is on the weeekends.

    Also, I read the article about cheaper gym memberships – I use Planet Fitness. It’s $10 per month and right now they have a $1 sign up fee. It’s only $5 more per month if you want to include tanning.

    I also recently updated my library membership instead of buying my books from a store.

    I’m trying to save anywhere at this point so I can save enough money for a deposit on a house. Good luck to the savers in the saving challenge!


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