Has the “dream wedding” become the “dream wedding on a budget?”

There is a show on WE TV called Platinum Weddings where brides splurge on every aspect of their wedding, from renting out grand halls to buying the most exotic flowers for their arrangements. Let’s not even mention wedding gowns! This may be considered a “standard” wedding for someone who’s able to afford it but for many people it may considered a “dream wedding,” where price isn’t a factor when it comes to renting venues, purchasing décor, the wedding gown and everything else for that special day.

According to the New Haven Register Newspaper article “Vowing to Save: More couples planning their dream wedding on a budget,” today’s economic reality is confronting the dream wedding, one of consumer culture’s most cherished institutions. Now, it is quite common for people to make their own decorations and dance to iPods instead of DJs at their receptions. I planned my wedding on a budget and I didn’t pay an astronomical amount to plan the best celebration of my life to date! I saved my money and spent wisely while getting the décor, dress and other things I wanted.

It’s good to know that many people are finding creative and budget-friendly ways to have the weddings of their dreams in this economy. It would be wise to open a savings account especially for your wedding. Connex offers Special Purpose Accounts (SPAs) so you can save for anything you wish while earning dividends…and you can even create a custom account name! Click here to learn more about Connex Special Purpose Accounts. Start saving for your dream wedding…open one today.


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