The Rising Cost of Texting

While text messaging is becoming very popular with many segments of the cell phone-using population, could the doubling cost of texting impact people, much like the gas hike did?  Will people stop texting all together?  Text messaging is the only way I communicate with many people.  Maybe I will limit my usage a bit more going forward.  Will this increase in the cost of texting affect you at all and if so, how?


-Annette, Marketing


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One comment on “The Rising Cost of Texting
  1. new to the tech world says:

    Just learned how to text. It is lots of fun especially if you use the T9 option where words are completed for you. I did however learn it was more expensive than a regular call. You also get charged for a text sent and a text received. Go figure. If you send a text you certainly hope to get one back. otherwise you feel like a loser. Guess you are paying for self esteem also j/k

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