Drivers’ Pockets Hit Hard at the Gas Pump

Since gas prices are increasing everyday, more people are altering their behaviors and lifestyles to make up for the increase by:

  • Buying discounted gas at members-only wholesale clubs
  • Shopping more at stores with gas discount programs
  • Carpooling with friends/family/co-workers
  • Not driving as much

Have you made any lifestyle/financial adjustments lately to offset the increase in gas prices?


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13 comments on “Drivers’ Pockets Hit Hard at the Gas Pump
  1. Using cruise control will keep your car going at a constant speed. When you don’t use cruise control, your speed will vary by a few miles an hour as your vehicle travels up and down hills. If you accelerate too much, you waste gas. If you slow down then accelerate again you use more gas. Staying at a constant speed will save on your miles per gallon.

  2. Niddrie Rowe says:

    My husband and grandson take their mtorcycle to work whenever possible. I use the compact car and not the SUV.

  3. Candace Merola says:

    I actually drive less and plan my driving. When I need gas I go to the grocery store because they are close to one another. I will not go out of the way. I take my time to work and drive slow without air conditioning in order not to burn as much gas. I must admit I cut back on things here and there, such as cable and I always cook at home and bring lunch to work; to make it less painful, which seems to work for me.

  4. Joanne Palumbo says:

    I really try to run errands that are all around in the same location. And forget about joy-riding! I have a destination in mind instead of just driving around for the joy of it.

  5. We can concerve in many ways. However the only way to become energy independent, is to
    find and refine more Fuel Oil. In the short run this is the only answer. We the people need to tell our Congress to focuss on the short term problem. While continueing to promote other energy sources here at home. The most efficient and economical being Yes (Nuclear Energy). Wind Power, fuel cells, solar, geo-thermal can help. But they collectively fall short. We need to drill for more oil here and now! Our Federal Government owns approximately one quarter of the land mass in the U.S.A. Congress can certainly find the proven oil reserves for private enterprise to drill selectively and safely on. Call or e-mail your representatives today!

  6. Linda Heidgerd says:

    I normally get around 250 miles on a full tank of gas so the last time I filled up I pumped slowly instead of at the full speed (they say this gets you more gas in your tank instead of fumes) and then drove slower, coasted more and tried not to have fast startups and quick stops and actually got 280 miles on the tank of gas!

    I also heard that it helps to fill up early in the morning when the gas is cool. I guess when it is warm it expands and you don’t get as much in actual gas.

  7. Debbie Spalding says:

    There are alot of great tips posted here that I never knew about! I normally get my gas at BJ’s, but they have not always been the cheapest anymore. The other day they were at 4.23 a gallon and first fuel on Middletown Ave in North Haven was 4.19. I have a website on filling in your zip code will tell you the prices of gas stations close to your home. This will save on little on driving around to compare prices. Anyone who would like the website, let me know and I will e-mail it to you.

  8. Nick Conte says:

    I actually went and purchased a Road Bicycle and travel whenever I can by bicycle. When I’m ready for the gym I hop on my bike and ride…It’s not only my warm up exercise, but also my cardio for the day all in one! I have also started buying in bulk and cooking at home to decrease my travels to the grocery store as well as my (awful) eating out everyday habits! It has not only saved me money, but it was saved me from driving a significant amount of miles with my gas guzzling V8 Volvo S80 as well!

    I remember when I didn’t want to put $35 in my tank (which would fill it) I miss those days! Now to fill my tank it is $93.94…Boy do I Miss those $35 days!

  9. Jenn Sparano says:

    The gas station by my house is an Exxon and the price is $4.41 for reg! To save gas my fiance and I try to carpool whenever we can. He does construction, and drives a F150 so we split gas money when we go anywhere together so we’re only spending $45.00 to fill my tank rather than $180.00 to fill his.

  10. Laurie Sileo says:

    My second job is taxi driver for my 2 teenagers. I am constantly driving one of them to work, sports or a friends house. I remember when I could fill up the gas tank for less than $20 and get change back. Now it costs almost $50 to fill up my Subaru Outback. I will be in the market soon for another vehicle and the mpg will be the deciding factor not seat warmers! In the mean time, I try to scale back on unnecessary driving and plan errands together.

  11. Kristina Onofrio says:

    I usually get gas at Costco which is only a couple miles from my house. I also make sure that the air in my tires is at what it should be cause that can cause my milage to be shortened. I also car-pool with my friends when we go out.

  12. Krysti Sheades says:

    It is really hard for me during the school year to afford gas when I have to commute to school. I used to drive a pick up truck that needed almost $50 to fill up, but now I drive a Civic that only takes about $30. It makes a lot of difference, not to mention now that I am out of school for the summer I drive half as much and can save up for when I go back. I also stopped driving unneccessarily, and when I can, I carpool with friends so that only one of us has to spend the gas and the others drive the next time around. Maybe I should just start riding my bike… (:

  13. Gas Saving Fuel Cells…

    I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100%, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong….

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