The New Definition of Saving

I ran across this interesting quote today:

“The retail industry has stolen the word ‘saving’ and redefined it as saving money when spending. Saving used to mean putting money away in a savings account or in a piggy bank. But, now we must spend to save.” 

Tim McAlpine, President/Chief Strategist-Currency Marketing  referring to the Ways2Save and Keep the Change programs at banks.

Do you find yourself saving, by spending less money, or do you keep a “coin jar” to stash away extra change?  What are you doing to save your money?


–Annette, Marketing


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One comment on “The New Definition of Saving
  1. Ginny Brady says:

    I recently did a post on the UFirst FCU Board Blog, the Boardcast ( which draws on Tim’s quote and challenges our members (and others) to a Saving Savings program. I’ll be attempting to deposit what I save in purchases and other discounts as a way to build savings.

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