Thanks for the pennies, grandma!

Would you pay $10.7 million for a collection of pennies? 

Yeah, I didn’t think so… most of you reading this probably can’t imagine having that kind of money to spend on pennies.

Over the weekend, a group of 301 early American pennies were auctioned and brought in the hefty sum. The coins, some which dated back to 1794, were incredibly rare. Do you know how the collector got into this hobby?

According to an AP story posted on Yahoo:

“The coins came from the collection of Burbankresident Walter J. Husak, the owner of an aerospace-part manufacturing company. Husak became interested in collecting at age 13, while visiting his grandparents who paid him in old coins for helping with chores.”

Think of the wonderful lesson on saving taught by these grandparents. Sure, under normal circumstances the adage “a penny saved is a penny earned” is true… it’s doubtful many people ever dreamed of 1,070,000,000 pennies!


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