Clip those coupons!

Are you a coupon-clipper? There’s nothing wrong with it. According to a recent survey, 53% of American consumers say they regularly visit brand Web sites to find promotions. Who doesn’t like to save a little on products you’d buy at full price? lists coupons alphabetically by the retailers’ name, from A&E Television, where you can order your favorite shows from the station on DVD, to Zuji, an online travel website. The site boasts more than 2,000 retailers, including Dell, Target, ToysRus and Office Depot. 

For savings in the grocery store without the flyers, visit Today, their homepage had “clipable” coupons for cereal, yogurt and frozen pizza rolls, among others. There are plenty of other sites out there, but these come recommended for their simplicity.  

Let us know what items you clip coupons for, or items that you’d pay full price for no matter what. 


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One comment on “Clip those coupons!
  1. AMA says:

    I always check the coupons in the Sunday newspaper, but don’t often think to go to Web sites. Expiration dates are a nuisance, on coupons and special offers that come in the mail. You can definitely save money if you clip coupons for items you buy regularly.

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