Who is the commercial champion?

On this post-Super Sunday Monday, there are happy fans, despondent ones and the rest of America who fall into the indifferent category. The defensive battle between New York and New England will be remembered as the upset that spoiled a potential perfect season and maybe finally got Eli out of brother Peyton’s shadow, if only for today.

While I’d gladly discuss the game more, let’s address a more trivial topic that everyone will want to speak out on.

Which commercial was your favorite? Okay, so this is perhaps not the most financially relevant topic on this blog (unless you really enjoyed the E-Trade commercials with the baby who spits up and hires a creepy clown), but companies spent a ton of money (I’ve heard $3 million a spot) to court your consumer dollars.

Call it informal research. Which commercial best supported their product and caught your eye? Which do you remember today?

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3 comments on “Who is the commercial champion?
  1. AMA says:

    I got the biggest laugh from the Doritos commercial where the man puts a Dorito in a mouse trap outside a mouse hole and watches, eating Doritos from a big bag. Through the mouse hole comes a “human size” mouse who jumps on the man and punches him repeatedly. It was really funny – and I remember the product!

  2. Brent Dixon says:

    My vote goes to CareerBuilder. Those spots roped the whole living room right in every single time.

    Honestly, the rest of them left me really disappointed. Good thing it was such an awesome game.

  3. Nancy says:

    Oh gosh, there were several that made me laugh this year. The Tide “talking stain” and the Bridgestone “screaming animals” made me laugh the most. But overall, I think the E*Trade commercial with the baby that rented the clown was not only cute and funny, but also very clever!

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