Why is it called a piggy bank if pigs don’t save anything?

Dogs bury bones. Squirrels gather nuts to last through the winter. Camels store food and water so they can travel many days across deserts. But do pigs save anything? No! Pigs save nothing. They bury nothing. They store nothing. So, have you ever wondered why it’s called a piggy bank?

 The name owes itself to the history and mistakes of our language. Around the 15th century, a type of orange clay was used to make dishes and jars as an inexpensive alternative to expensive metal. This clay was called “pygg.” Whenever housewives saved some extra coins, they would put it into one of these orange clay jars, called a “pygg bank.”

Hundreds of years later in the 18th century, people had forgotten that the term “pygg” referred to the orange clay-like material. When English potters received requests for piggy banks, they made banks that were shaped to resemble the pig we all know today.

Piggy banks are still appealing to adults and children alike, and now the term “piggy bank” refers to almost any type of product that saves coins; despite the animal, popular cartoon character, or building it actually resembles.

Do you have a favorite piggy bank in your house?


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One comment on “Why is it called a piggy bank if pigs don’t save anything?
  1. gonz says:

    ok i will confess i LOVE piggy banks almost to a fault. I have had over 50 of them at one point and began giving them away. Now i am down to around 20 but it is getting harder to part with them. I just find them to be so adorable i can’t resist a good piggy bank, phew now that’s out in the open i feel so much better!

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