Resolve to improve your life

A new year means the chance for new beginnings. This is the perfect opportunity to improve your life through resolutions, but many people don’t stick to their resolutions or forget them too soon into the new year. Want to know a better way?

Instead of setting a huge goal, experts advise people to set smaller ones that piece by piece work toward a larger one. This way you get a sense of accomplishment along the way, which will motivate you to stick to your plan. This built in reward system can be helpful if you plan to improve your financial life or your health and wellness.

For example, wanting to lose weight is a nice resolution, but without a plan it will be hard to accomplish. Set a realistic goal (say, a certain number of pounds per month) and an overall target. Then decide on the actions that will get you there, likely a combination of better eating and increased activity.

So, let’s hear your 2008 resolutions and how you plan to get it done. (For those of you who’ve stopped making resolutions, maybe you should reconsider and think why you gave it up.)


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