$20,000 for a holiday drink?

New Year’s Eve is a big night for partying, which for many means drinking festive alcoholic beverages. Be smart about your holiday indulgences because that last drink could cost you $20,000.  An article at bankrate.com breaks down exactly how costly a DUI or DWI can be financially. If you’re found guilty, some of the expenses you may face can include the following: fines, attorney fees, loss of job, court costs, bail, DUI school, temporary loss of income, car towing/impounding, alternate transportation costs, car ignition interlock device, periodic blood testing, monthly monitoring fees, cost of incarceration and increased auto insurance premiums. To see the rest of the article, go here 

This, of course, does not even consider the potential danger posed to yourself and others, as well as property. The worst case scenario can bring with it staggering financial and emotional devastation. 

So please think if you’re going to drink, and be responsible. Start ’08 on a great note!


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