Roll in with change, roll out with a new truck

Despite much talk in recent years about doing away with the penny, if you concentrate on saving your loose change, it can add up. Sure, you won’t see it overnight, but with a bit of persistence, those kept coins can really accomplish something. Don’t believe me? Paul Brant in Indiana would agree completely, and he could simply point to his new Dodge Ram half-ton pickup truck as proof. Yes, he’d say, more than $25,000 worth of change bought that!And this wasn’t the first time Brant used his thrifty upbringing and coin collecting to his advantage. In 1994, he bought a Dodge pickup and a Dodge Neon using about $36,000 in quarters.  

Brant, now 70, clearly has the patience as a saver that many of us can’t even imagine. He credits his father, who saved change to fund vacations, for teaching him to pay cash for his purchases (great advice in a world of credit card debt gone crazy).  

Imagine needing a police escort next time you bring your change to the credit union. Brant had one as he brought the rolled coins directly to the dealership, although it’s doubtful that many thieves would have wanted to make that heist since the getaway would be difficult.  

Do you save your change with a specific goal in mind? What do you save it in?


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