You want a tip? Here’s a tip…

Mr. Pink, a character in “Reservoir Dogs” played by Steve Buscemi, says “I don’t tip because society says I have to.” While seated at a table with other sneaky criminals, Pink admits he will tip if somebody really deserves it. (There’s a lot more to this exchange, but since this is a family blog, that summary is good enough). It brings up the question of who should be tipped during the holidays. I think it comes down to a few issues. First, the frequency and consistent quality of the service being provided to you should be considered. The tip should be a reward for a job well done, an added recognition for this professional relationship. 

Second, tip if you can afford it. This will help you narrow down the list of potential tip-getters.  

As for what or how much to give, Emily Post, the etiquette guru, offers some solid advice on the subject here.  

Who are you planning on tipping this season and why?


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