Oh (real or fake) Christmas tree, Oh…

 You’ve probably all heard the familiar carol “Oh Christmas Tree,” with its line “How are thy leaves so verdant” (aka green with life) or alternately “With faithful leaves unchanging.” Just as there are many different versions of the song, there are different opinions as to which makes a better Christmas tree: a real one or an artificial one.  The New Haven Register had a sound off poll question earlier this week on the topic, asking readers which do they prefer a real or an artificial tree. The opinions were split, but some real tree lovers criticized the rest for “being lazy” or lacking spirit. One woman wrote a letter the next day saying that there is no wrong choice, that it is the ornaments that represent the memories and spirit of the season. (She had recently switched to a fake tree after years of struggling with selecting a tree and once losing a tree along the Merritt Parkway). 

So, we put the question to you… real or fake tree? And why?

(Or do you have a favorite ornament?)


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7 comments on “Oh (real or fake) Christmas tree, Oh…
  1. Joanne says:

    I like both, real and fake. Right now I have 2 artificial trees. My big tree is white with pink and white lights, and pretty pink ornaments. Very victorian. My smaller tree is a retro looking silver tree with white lights and blue and purple ornaments. I couldn’t find the ‘ole color wheel for the silver tree…like the old days when we had a big silver tree with the color wheel in the corner shining up at the tree–because you couldn’t put lights on the silver tree.
    Either way–real or fake–it’s not in the ‘actual’ tree…it’s in the celebration!

  2. gonz says:

    Fake for sure and one that i don’t have to put lights on they are included in the tree!

  3. Secret Santa says:

    Definitely real…. The smell of the tree gets me in the holiday spirit! It is a pain putting the tree up, but it is always worth it.

  4. Gruppie Girl says:

    Real is the better “green” choice.

    Personally I don’t want to breathe in any extra PVC if I don’t have to. PVC is stablizied with lead and chlorine. It is banned from children’s toys in the European Union and my home.

    If you do go the real tree route, most of us in CT are lucky. My town chips them for bark mulch so they et a second life. Mnay coastal towns use the old trees to stabilize the dunes over the winter.

  5. Debi says:

    As a child, we always went out and cut down the “perfect” tree. I have many wonderful memories of tramping through the snow (or mud!) and analyzing each tree for shape, color, height, etc., then teasing my stepfather as he grumbled about laying on the ground to cut it down. When I got married, however, my husband was against real trees and his parents gave us their OLD artificial tree. We put it up and I just cried and cried. True, I was 2 months pregnant so I was over-emotional, but the tree just looked horrible. It was sparse and thin and tiny and I hated it! Anyways, the next year we went out and bought a new artificial tree and it’s fine, really. There are pros and cons for them both – real trees are beautiful and the smell is truly wonderful, but they’re hard to take down and you end up having needles in your house for months afterwards. Fake trees are easy to put up and take down, but my biggest disappointment is that you lose the family time and tradition chosing the perfect tree every year. See, it’s the tradition and togetherness that matters – not what your tree is made of! So now we have a fake tree, and have started our own holiday traditions that hopefully will be passed down to my grandchildren (in about 25 years!)

  6. AMA says:

    With reluctance we went to an artificial tree this year, after 25 years of a live tree. It seemed we always had problems with the tree falling, the needles all over the house, and disagreements about whose turn it was to add water. And, with allergic family members we had to be careful what type of tree we selected. This is a much easier solution and we are able to keep the tree up for a longer amount of time.

    We got a Glade plug in air freshener with a pine scent. All in all, it’s fine. The only thing we’re wondering is why the cat is climbing the artificial tree. We always thought it was the bark, the scent, etc., but she’s climbed up the middle several times.

  7. flutterby says:

    My kitty does the same thing. That is why we have gone with a fake tree! I was afraid that the kitties and the dog would have knocked it over. Our fake tree is beautiful, but very big. I think next year I am going to downsize.

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