Death and taxes… certainties, but fair?

We’ve all heard Ben Franklin’s saying about the only two certain events in life (grim prospects indeed). A recent poll from found that 92% of Americans surveyed understand the necessity of paying taxes and they feel that it’s up to everyone to pay their fair share.

Is the tax system fair or broken? Nearly 60% of the respondents felt the system is geared to benefit the rich.

Would you prefer no taxes at all?  Abolishing taxes was on the minds of 17% of those surveyed.

In general the system is misunderstood and could use some simplification. Approximately 30% said they are “clueless” when it comes to tax planning and prep. A large part of the rest seek outside help from professionals.

Would you be willing to let the IRS complete your tax return? (33% said they would).

Do you feel comfortable with tax issues? What could be done to make the system better?

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3 comments on “Death and taxes… certainties, but fair?
  1. If our Federal Tax system could be changed, it should include a National Sales Tax. This would help collect the Billions now lost to those who don’t file Income tax returns. Once implemented our Income tax rates could be reduced overall. Just for the record, the top 5% of income earners pay about 92% of all taxes received currently.

  2. Anita says:

    I find the property tax for my home particularly hard to take. It’s nearly doubled in the last couple of years and I haven’t seen an improvement in town services in that time.

  3. gonz says:

    The more we give the government the more they need enough already, a tax across the board (same % for everyone) and no more property taxes either. That’s the only fair way i think to have the tax system work.

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