Why can’t a pillowcase be the best gift ever?

Since it is that time of year, I recently asked a friend if she could recall the best gift she’d ever given someone. After some thought, she told me a story that sums up thoughtful gift-giving perfectly.  

“My son had a pillowcase that was part of a sheet set that was mine when I was younger,” my friend said. “He loved the pillowcase and needed it to go to sleep at night.” 

After more than 10 years of use and abuse, the everyday wear and tear was starting to show on the pillowcase.

“The pillowcase was literally disintegrating and smelly, but I couldn’t wash it or else it would have completely fallen apart,” my friend said. 

Being a resourceful woman, she found the perfect answer. 

“We still had the sheets from the set, so last year for Christmas, I took the sheets and cut them and sewed him a new pillowcase,” the happy mom related. “It didn’t cost a penny, but I think it was the best gift I’ve ever given. He loves it.” 

She even planned for the future. “I saved the leftover sheets in case we need a new pillowcase in the future or maybe for a grandchild someday.” 

I once had another friend tell me that the best gift you could give someone was the gift of the memories of times you’ve shared with them. 

Tell us, dear members, what is the best gift you’ve ever given someone?  

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