A small army of stuffed bears

Their furry heads were peaking out of the box when the courier delivered it. There were eight of them, with bright red t-shirts that say “I love you” on the front. They were a small army huddled together hoping for their chance to complete their mission. As they sat eagerly awaiting their assignments (each would be sent to one of our branches) on my desk, many co-workers passed by and commented on the bears… How cute is their expression! How soft and cuddly they are! Why do you have so many new friends! What’s with all the bears?

They are for children in Connecticut who will need them, I respond.

 Each year, our credit union participates in the Adopt A Bear program, run by the Credit Union League of Connecticut. Members and employees are asked to donate $5 to adopt a bear. When the campaign ends Feb. 29, the money is used to by these adorable friends for children facing tough times. Most of the bears are given away by the CT State Police, CT Foster Care program and the CT Children’s Medical Center.

All contributors are given a magnet as a thank you gift, but the real reward is helping comfort a child in need.

Stop by a branch to help out.


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