Don’t blow your budget on holiday giving

We’ve all heard it said that it’s the thought that counts. The sentiment behind a gift is what should make it meaningful. Of course, there are people who love to spend and that’s how they show their love. Children often have the right idea, though, as they paint noodles for a necklace for mom, or create a holiday decoration with some string and imagination.


People on tight budgets can take a lesson from the little ones. Creative gift giving is perfectly acceptable as an adult, but the options are more grown up.

 Homemade treats are often a good place to start. Think cookies or brownies. Perhaps a pumpkin pie. suggests a salsa recipe or special toasted pecans, among seven gifts they recommend.

Craft stores are full of ideas, from wooden bird houses to stepping stones for the garden. Take a stroll through and you’ll be surprised at the options.

For the music lover, a mix CD is always a fun idea.

We’d love to get some last minute ideas… how do you show you care but keep the expenses to a minimum?


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