Smart online shoppers look for the lock

I’ve made numerous purchases online… everything from fruit in the form of flowers, to CDs and books, to presents of jewelry (yes, sight unseen… brave man or stupid man, I tread the line often).

Online shopping is easy. It sure beats battling the crowds at the mall or fighting for a parking spot (which I won’t do, a long walk in the brisk air is healthy).

 Plus, online shopping is safe, if you pay attention. I always look for the padlock symbol at the bottom right hand corner of the Internet browser to be sure the connection is secured.

Some tips from the Federal Trade Commission and our friends at the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) include:

1. Investigate the seller. Sites like Amazon have a great reputation, but lesser known sites are worth looking into before giving away your personal information.

2. Avoid sneaky scammers. Legitimate companies don’t send unsolicited email messages asking for your password or login name, or your financial information. This is the work of a con-artist. Be advised.

3. Secure your computer with anti-virus and anti-Spyware software.

4. Keep a paper trail of your purchases and compare this with credit card statements. 

To see more tips, go here 

What items have you purchased (wisely or unwisely) from the Internet?  

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