I got my file cabinet back.

I had accumulated too many documents containing personal information. Actually it was a two drawer file cabinet full of stuff. Tax returns back to 1989, pay stubs, credit union statements (now with e-statements I don’t have to worry about those!), auto and homeowners policies from the ‘90s, and many other documents I needed to destroy. I have a small shredder at home and had attempted to clear out the cabinet but hadn’t made much progress.

I spent a couple of evenings going through the files. There were some things I needed to keep, but the vast majority was way past its usefulness. On Saturday morning I headed for the Connex Branch in Wallingford with my 2 boxes of documents. A representative from Shred It and a Connex employee carried the boxes to the Shred It truck and gave me back the empties. In about 10 seconds it was all gone, right through the on-board shredder.

I highly recommend these Shred It days if you’re like me and have years of accumulated documents stored away. I’m going to relocate my small shredder to a more convenient location and try to use it regularly. And now I have my file cabinet back for current documents.

If anyone else was there, feel free to share your Shred It experience.

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One comment on “I got my file cabinet back.
  1. A member in Guilford says:

    I have a drawer full of paperwork I should shred… pay stubs from a few years ago (before I had direct deposit), old credit card records, other junk. With cold weather upon us, maybe I will burn some of these in the wood stove. Hopefully there will be more Shred It days in the future?

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