Creeping along in the cold

Icy blast. Bitter cold. Welcome back winter in New England. Welcome back black ice and cautious driving.  Yes, we mean all of you. Slow down and be alert out there… factor in some extra driving time when conditions are inclement…

One member gripped that it took him 30 minutes to drive from Guilford to Branford last evening. He was reminded that he arrived safely and smiled at his fortune, though still lamenting the SUVs that sped obnoxiously by.

Tell us your winter travel nightmare stories (hopefully sharing them will ease the frustration).


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2 comments on “Creeping along in the cold
  1. Bill Savo says:

    To be honest, it was not that bad between Saybrook and New Haven. I work at Yale, and the center of New Haven was fine this morning. I think the winters once you get below Boston on the East Coast are not so bad, if fact, compared to where I came from in Chicago, winters in southern Connecticut, Long Island, NYC…etc are a breeze. So feel lucky you live on the East Coast and not in the Midwest or up in the Great Lakes!

  2. gonz says:

    It makes it feel like the Holidays have finally arrived! Could be lots colder with more of that white stuff, so just enjoy!

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