Democracy’s Cup overflows

Nearly a month removed from the recent election, it should be noted that voters can make a difference if they show up in force. Political talk can make many people’s eyes gloss over. It seems the next campaign starts immediately following the election. Haven’t we been hearing about the ’08 presidential election since the second week in November ’04 when the dust settled?

Either way, voter turnout is important and should be encouraged. East Haven and North Haven were recently recognized as winners of the state’s Democracy Cup for having the highest voter turnout in their respective size categories. East Haven pulled in 64% of its registered voters and North Haven slightly less than 58%. (For consideration, the statewide average was 37%).

Both of these towns saw incumbents lose their seats at the top of the local government. Does this prove that people will come to the polls when they have a desire for change? Maybe. Did these newly elected officials have groundbreaking ideas, solid campaign strategies, a good marketing machine at work, or an opponent (or a regime) facing ethical issues? The answer is likely a combination of all of the above.

Since we have many members in these two lauded towns, perhaps a few would like to weigh in on what drew these crowds to the polls (a certain issue?). Or why they weren’t drawn into these political frays?


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