Bargain Hunters Unite

It’s official. The holiday season is here. How do you know? Maybe the music on the radio, maybe the chill in the air. It could be the decorations popping up on lawns in the neighborhood.

Retailers know because last Friday many worked off some of their Thanksgiving meal by foregoing sleep and heading out the stores. Yes, at 4 a.m. many traded a warm bed for the soothing glow of a 37” high-def television on sale at great reduced price, of course.

$10.3 billion worth of merchandise, according to ShopperTrak RCT Copr., which shows an 8.3 percent rise over the same day last year. Black Friday kicked off the spending season right, despite an unstable economy, and this positive weekend was closed out by Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday, which featured great online shopping opportunities, logged $733 million from bargain hunters, according to comScore, setting a new single day online spending record. Never before had consumers exceeded $700 million, and experts think this could be broken again as the season progresses.

ComScore also noted that 60 percent of the money spent online on Monday came from work computers. (Sure, you claimed to be on doing research for an important presentation, but we now know the truth!)

Did you slip out in the early morning light to scoop up some savings or stay in bed instead? How about a little online shopping in the office Monday morning? (Don’t worry, we won’t tell the boss)


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2 comments on “Bargain Hunters Unite
  1. Anita says:

    Unfortunately I had to work so I couldn’t shop this year. I guess it’s better than a couple of years ago when I got to the store and realized I had on two different shoes.

  2. Jeanne Marie says:

    Now, if noticing you have two different shoes is not the perfect excuse to buy two new pairs that match I dont know what is.

    P.S. I’ve done the same, not just once either. 🙂

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